Insurforce is a Quote and Buy platform built on an innovative Underwriting Engine from House of Insurtech that incorporates data from customers and 3rd party data sources.

Insurforce is a modern, cloud-based platform that delivers superior digital experiences to both the end customer and administrators. With a responsive web interface for both customers and administrators it is easy to implement and easy to use.

The platform is delivered as a set of micro service APIs which means that it can be integrated into your own web site or mobile app by your existing web developers.

Functionally the platform delivers a Quote and Buy website and full Policy Administration System for new and existing insurance products. The system is highly flexible and can support both simple and complex underwriting needs, is equally at home Commercial Lines and Personal Lines and once set up can be easily maintained by non-technical administrators.

InsurForce Features

Speed to Market

Deliver an online quote journey in days not weeks. Simply provide us with your underwriting spreadsheet and rules and we can create the API and optionally the front-end App in a matter of days.

Fast Response

The service is designed to be fast and responsive. The core underwriting engine is separated from any business logic which means it can really fly, vital in today’s market.


Separating the undewriting process from the user experience means that the service is great for both Life and Health and General Insurance. Our methods are able to support complex risk requirements and scenarios in a manageable way.

Low Impact

The service based approach reduces the impact on your IT team’s workload. Integration can be via the API itself or via Bordereaux or other reporting mechanisms. You specify what you want and INSURFORCE will deliver it.

Lower operating cost

By simplifying the development process we are able to significantly reduce the costs associated with delivering an online quote journey. Whether its just the API or a full web and mobile application our component architecture keeps costs low.

Reliable, Responsive and Scaleable

The cloud architecture allows us to deliver real world performance that people used to dream about, failover, backups, resilience, security and scaleablility are all built in to the service.

Responsive Web App

The service can be provided with a white-label responsive web app to capture the applicant and risk information. This can be used as-is, integrated into your web site or as a branded web site.

  • Great User Experience
    You are able to control the user experience (UX) to suit your customers, it supports reflexive questions, skipping backward and forward, out of order questions, 3rd party lookups. As well as all of the form features you’d expect radio buttons, lists, selectors, drop downs (pre-populated), multi-page,
  • Clean Design
    Using industry standard designs and tools it offers a stress free, friendly and usable set of responsive forms for capturing whatever information about the applicant and their risk that you require.
  • Blazingly Fast
    As a Javascript app the front-end loads fast and is highly responsive. Transitions are smooth and slick, interactions with the server are quick happen seamlessly in the background so as not to distract the customer. This makes it delightful to use.
  • Fully customisable
    The front-end can be created to your exact specification, including all of the question sets, even have different front-ends for different customer segments, all talking to the same Underwriting API. At any point you can make changes to the front-end without changing the Underwriting API. You are in complete control.