With no legacy code to support our technology has been developed with the modern technology ecosystem in mind and with integration at its core.

The result is a platform that is quick to implement, flexible, easy to use, easy to integrate, and cost effective.

Underwriting Engine Features

The Core Underwriting Engine is a state of the art rules based expert system that delivers insurance quotes based on data about a risk. The engine sits in the cloud and is triggered by an API call. The calling entity presents a number of facts about the risk, and the underwriting engine responds with a quote.

  • Decoupled
    Decoupling the underwriting engine from the front end interactions enables more flexibility and freedom in the User Experience.
  • Easy to Maintain
    Rules can be updated by business users without having to go through any development bottlenecks. The rules can be added and updated via a spreadsheet.
  • High performance
    Rules are precompiled and loaded into memory for performance and efficiency. Once loaded they can be queried extremely efficiently.
  • Flexible
    Prior to underwriting the data can be enriched with other data from 3rd party systems, similarly post underwriting processes can be added to prepare the results for presentation.