Great Customer Experience

In the increasingly competitive digital market standing out is hard to do. Customer experience (CX) is a recognised way of doing that and increasing online sales.

Modern consumers expect slick, mobile first interactions that are a delight to use. Their expectations are high, and if they have a bad experience they will let everyone know about it.

InsurForce gives you full control of the digital CX without constraints. You can give your in-house teams or external design houses full rein to their creativity and branding without them needing to understand how quoting works.

The InsurForce APIs are easy to call and accept the risk and proposer data, enrich them if required, and deliver back the quotation and any related terms, then move on to the confirm policy and take payment.

  • Omni-channel
    Mobile, web, portal, Iot, 3rd party sites, Affinity partners – the API is suitable for all of these devices and channels and you can choose to amalgamate them or treat them separately.
  • Control
    There are no iframes, subdomains, white labels, templates that you are forced to use. You decide the customer journey without constraints.
  • Flexible
    our creative web or mobile developers can create your site without specialist knowledge, the calls to InsurForce are well documented and we are here to support them if needed.

Built for Data Enrichment

Underwriting increasingly uses data enrichment to make better pricing decisions and reduce the number of questions a proposer needs to answer. Whether this is a simple postcode lookup or a more complex data integration InsurForce has been designed to make this easy.

The APIs for data enrichment are easy to use and integrated into the platform. New integrations are being added all the time and are then available to existing and new customers to integrate into their interactions.

  • Fast integration
    A new data enrichment service can be added to InsurForce in double quick time as each enrichment is just a new service that can be used in a quote
  • Easy to Maintain
    Using the built in enrichments means that you don’t have to worry about endpoint changes as the connections to third parties are all taken care of for you.

  • Rating Services
    Complete flexibility about rating services, in-house, external, custom built the platform is agnostic.

Increase internal efficiency

Internal efficiency is a key component of reducing your expenses and improving CR. InsurForce can boost your efficiency by both increasing automation and reducing admin overhead.

The design principles behind InsurForce include “task oriented design” where the platform is optimised to make things easier to achieve.

For example the default page is a policies page which has a combined search box where you can readily find a policy based on policy number, postcode, date, name etc. and when the details are shown the default fields include the personal information required to do an identity check (address etc.) This saves operator time.

In the same way the Renewals process is both automated as much as possible. Automatic renewal reminders are sent at specified intervals with renewal/requote links which can be done by the Policy holder themselves, and new policy documents sent out automatically. There is also a dedicated Renewals screen for phone renewals and manual processing.

  • Task Oriented Design
    The right info at the right time to let admins get things done quicker
  • Automation
    Automated renewals, documents, customer self-service all automated
  • Efficiency
    Easy to use, simple navigation and fast response.

Integrations and Ecosystems

Integrating with the best the web can offer is part of our DNA. An API first, open architecture and open minds approach makes these integrations quick to implement and easy to work with.

Working with your internal IT teams we endeavour to integrate to customers systems in ways that suit them. From the simplest level of a customised bordereau up to a full real-time API feed the InsuForce platform can support your needs.

External interfaces are also important, whether it is Sendgrid for email, Stripe for payments, Google for analytics we work with the best solution for our customers to give them greater choice.

A clear focus on our strengths and offering makes for a better service from House of Insurtech and helps our customers stay at the forefront of theirs.

  • Openness and Standards
    Our APIs are open with code samples for many languages, we use staddard components to ease integration
  • Best of the web
    Pick the best tools for the job (Salesforce, Mailchimp, Zapier etc.) and Insurforce for Insurenace and integrate them together.
  • More choices
    Complete flexibility about rating services, in-house, external, custom built the platform is agnostic.

Features that Marketers love

Marketers needs are constantly changing as they need to rapidly react to market changes

InsurForce recognises their importance and supports them across the board. Whether it’s Analytics right through the purchase path, full control of the customer experience, omni-channel distribution or market segmentation it’s covered.

Promotions and discounts are readily handled and web sites can be re-designed to suit customer needs without recoding.

  • Analytics
    Analytics are included right the way through the purchase path, Google analytics and other tracking tools are supported
  • Branding
    You control your branding 100% of the time, web, nobile, email, policy documents can all be under your brand and creative control
  • Campaigns
    Export data for campaigns, connect to CRM (API or manually) real time reporting all help to run effective campaigns